Getting Caught Up 24: Dealing With Burnout

I am really excited about this episode. It is full of feelings on my recent hiatus, how I dealt with it, and what changes I have made for Rocket Panda. Mike and I also get into the weeds about independent blogs/podcasts which is something I love to talk about, but as Mike explains can be sort of dangerous. Finally, I show Mike some of my favorite resources to learn and get acquainted with Siri Shortcuts.

Now You Know How It Feels

Craig Hockenberry writing for Iconfactory:

Are you one of the many people affected by a MacBook keyboard failure? If so, you now have the slightest hint of what it’s like to live with a disability. You can’t use a product like everyone else and it’s preventing you from achieving your goals. Maybe you say “screw it” and write an article for the Wall Street Journal without those keys. Or maybe you hang on desperately to an old laptop (these words are coming from a MacBook purchased in 2013.) An external keyboard might be a temporary workaround. But there is a clear distinction here: you have a course of remedy. You can take the laptop in for service or choose a different model. And while a failing keyboard is definitely a problem, it pales in comparison to someone’s permanent disability.

Craig makes a great point here on this matter and I think that it is something many of us don’t think about regularly, including myself. Apple has done great work for accessibility for those with disabilities and I hope they continue to do so. That said, the burden also falls on the developers, and I hope they are paying attention.

ASoG 27: Drafts 5 Bootcamp with Tim Nahumck

Tim Nahumck was kind enough to be a guest on this show to talk all about Drafts 5. It had several occasions where my mind and Christopher’s mind was blown on what we can do with the text editor.

Hopefully it can help you also learn some things with Drafts. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact me or mention me on Twitter.

Listen to the episode here.

Keeping it Simple

This week for me has been all too familiar, meaning I moved my site from to Wordpress again.

The reasoning for this doesn’t really even matter anymore because I have done nothing for the past several months but screw around with where my site is hosted instead of doing what matters writing. After hours of editing my new WordPress website, talking with support, and waiting for DNS changes to propagate I have finally managed to have Rocket Panda back up and running.

I have mentioned it in the past, but I think one of the reasons I do this is because I treat my blog like a Lego collection instead of a platform. I try to make sure every block is perfectly put together instead of making sure that what I’m building is even worthwhile.

I also feel like it is a form of procrastination. I would ask myself questions like, “How can I make time for writing on my site? I have so much I need to do to make Rocket Panda look better.”

Today that changes.

As of today I have made a promise to myself to stick it out on WordPress and use a seriously simple theme called Tiny Framework. It is a simple yet effective theme that meets my simple blogging needs. It also allows for fast loading and processing. You add that to EasyWP, my hosting platform, and you have yourself a cheap and fast website that doesn’t need anything else.

I have made the commitment to myself, and now with you all publicly, to not make any more changes to the hosting platform, theme, or aesthetics for the rest of 2019. The only exemption from this is if something is catastrophic to the website and requires me to make changes to it in order for it to be fully functional. Outside of that what you see is what you get. What you see may not be deserving of any design awards, but you can at least read what I have to say easily and not have any issues loading the site.

My reasoning for this commitment, and really a lot of things I get hung up about, is to stop worrying about the granular details and just keep things simple. I also needed to take stock in what was important for me on Rocket Panda, and for me it is the content. I would rather have a website that looks like it was built with a default template on Blogger in 2004 with tons of posts than have the most beautiful website with no content to show for it. So I am choosing to keep this less-then-beautiful website as-is and focus on what I want to say on it instead.

With this off my chest and the burden of making my website “look perfect” gone I can finally get back to what I made Rocket Panda for in the first place: to share my thoughts, opinions, and anecdotes about the things I care about.

Text Case Guides – Chris Hannah

Chris Hannah writing about Text Case:

Just over one week ago, I released the first major update to Text Case. Since then, I’ve written and published four guides on different parts of the app. While they don’t combine to create a Text Case “User Manual”, I think they explain the most fundamental parts, and hopefully some features that users will be surprised by.

Text Case is becoming more and more part of my text editing arsenal and these guides Chris has put together are superb.

If you haven’t tried this app out, you should.