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Short Pitch

I am asking for donations to Tablet Habit to help keep the lights on. Hosting a website and creating content online regularly costs time and money. Not a lot, but if I can make this blog self-sufficient that would be amazing.

You can donate as little or as much as you would like in a one-time payment. Even $5 helps pay a significant portion of the hosting costs in one month.

So if you like this site and want to contribute to it, click the donate button below.

Longer Pitch

I created Tablet Habit because I wanted to share with people how they can use their iPad for more than Netflix and games. I use my iPad everyday as my main computer for this blog, editing podcasts, handling a Facebook Group, and writing a weekly newsletter.

The website doesn’t have a paywall of any kind, and the most you’ll ever see on the site with ads is one paid add at the top of the sidebar; no intrusive pop ups or a litany of ads through a post. I want this to be content first, but this site costs money. Not a lot of money, but my goal is to keep the lights on with your support.

My monthly costs for everything equals out to about $40, and with your support I hope to be able to use support from people like you, my readers, to keep this thing running on its own.

Wo what do you say? Want to support an indie blogger like me with a little bit of cash? If so, click the button below and pay me as much, or as little, as you would like. Every little bit helps.

Jeff Perry
Creator of Tablet Habit

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